The York Metallic - Down vest

The York Metallic - Down vest


Black - Crinkle

Down Vest Highlights

750 fill down for exceptional warmth
Responsibly sourced & sustinable
Packable into its own pocket
The York is a super soft and beautifully light down vest. The same style as the regular York but manufactured using a luxurious nylon with a metallic texture A sophisticated but simple design provides customized press buttons on the front with 2 hidden zippered side pockets. A large open inside pocket provides extra storage capacity.
Machine washable
To make life easier all our down items are machine washable. Who really has time to head t dry cleaners ? You do however need to be careful and follow these guidelines: Wash on LOW temperature below 30 degrees. Use a small amount of mild detergent and if possible special down detergent. Tumbler dry on LOW. Nylon melts at high temperatures. This last one may seem bizarre however we swear by it. Add a regular tennis ball to the dryer and you shall find this really puffs up the down.
Ultra light, super cozy

Measured Performance

All of our jackets are creatively designed to be super soft and ultra light, and of course super cute and super value - we aim to make our jackets suitable for all the seasons. Throw them over a t-shirt during those Cool summer nights on the Cape. They become indispensable during Spring and Autumn. Finally a great layering piece during the winter.
Our Planet

Doing the right thing

We care. Not just for us but for the people (and animals) who need to inhabit this planet after us. We are small and new however we try to look at every aspect of pour business to see how we can improve our footprint. When possible we follow the OekoTex and BlueSign standards, these are standards that try to have the smallest environmental impact in the production of fabric and dyeing. Responsible Down Standard (RDS) - We only use down that is produced using the Responsible Down Standards (RDS) procedures. Each of our down pieces has a hangtag with a QR code that can be scanned with any phone. You can then see that Allied Down, an American company, has traced the source of this down. Biodegradable Polybags - we mostly ship using environmentally friendly bags. - We donate a portion of our profit each year to this global non-profit that helps so many people

Packable into Pocket

All of our lighter jackets and vests can also be packaged into a cleverly designed internal pocket. Meaning that you do not have to carry around a sack bag that you keep losing. You always can just pack the jacket away and of course there is a wrist strap to ensure its never too far away.

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