We're reinventing outerwear for the modern traveler.

Every Cotes of London piece is thoughtfully designed, ideal for travel and can easily take you from morning to evening. With each piece made from premium materials, these wardrobe essentials are four season chic and stylish so that you can feel confidently comfortable wherever you are in the world.

Female Founded, For Everyone

I walked by a designer boutique in Shanghai's French Quarter and marveled at an expensive raincoat — it was beautiful and elegant, but would it withstand my adventures? After a lifetime of exploring, I knew anything I wore needed to not only be beautiful, but resilient. Cotes was born not only to fit my own lifestyle, but to be there for adventurous women and men all over the world.I know many of us are always craving a new challenge, but the tools and jackets we carry with us, shouldn't have to change.

Cotes Of London St. Ives Vest Lindsi BradburyCotes Of London St. Ives Vest Lindsi Bradbury

Every Cotes of London piece has been inspired by a time or activity in my own life - traveling around the world, skiing at a ski academy, amazing experience of studying abroad in Oxford and Beijing, starting and selling my own candy company in China and of course, becoming a mom to 2 lovely sons who always keep me on my toes. I feel so blessed to live my life and with my Cotes of London jackets on, I strive to keep driving forward and live life more by always looking for more cute innovation.

It's Our Planet, We Have to Care

We care. Not just for us but for the people (and animals) who need to inhabit this planet after us.The OekoTex and BlueSign standards, we use fabric that follows these standards, as they are standards that try to have the smallest environmental impact in the production of fabric and dyeing as possible.Responsible Down Standard (RDS) - all our down complies with this standard.Biodegradable Polybags - we ship using environmentally friendly bags.


We develop our own fabric that is designed to be super light and ultra soft. The highest grade nylon provides strength and a luxurious feel. We focus on practical aspects that are functional. All of our jackets can fold into themselves in a convenient pocket with a wrist strap. Even our logo is subtle but still made from liquid metal.

Designed for Life

The bottom line is that we wish you to be comfortable with your investment. We do not compromise on quality and workmanship for this reason. Our items are tested and developed to ensure they last and provide exceptional comfort and style that endures.