Our Story


Meet the Bradburys

The idea to make the best coats for the best price first took root when Lindsi sold the candy company she had built up in China, and was hungry for a new challenge.Paul, on the other hand, was just on his way back from a trip to Antarctica. During his travels, he stumbled upon an old rain jacket showcased in a museum. One that was worn by a British explorer of the past. On his return home, Lindsi showed him an expensive raincoat she wanted to buy. That was the catalyst that got the Bradburys thinking. And the start of the Cotes of London.


See The Design

For over 20 years, the Bradburys have been working in Asia, producing apparel of the highest quality for some of the world’s most popular brands. Across the years,they’ve built a vast network of mills, suppliers and factories, including 4 offices that control production and supply chain logistics throughout Asia and Africa. These 20 years of experience are what lie behind the fine craftsmanship of the range, and the emphasis, first and foremost on the finest of quality.


Take Measure

What makes Cotes of London truly unique is its obsession with the finest quality fabrics and accessories, along with its penchant for detail, which assure you unparalleled comfort. The secret to the feather-lightness of the coats is the ethically sourced goose down feathers, complemented with ultra-high density nylon which makes it even softer. The Bradburys have also developed a unique Raincoat fabric that marries the water-proof nature of PU with the softness of cotton. Painstakingly crafted, customised matte press buttons and hand-sewn leather zippers add to the exquisite detailing that can be found throughout the range.


On Their Toes

A unique liquid metal moulding process adds to the innovative design and the subtle stylishness that makes each coat from the range an seamless fit in and an absolute essential to your wardrobe. The Bradburys are also constantly working to improve and better their design with the latest of innovations and technology - such as laser sealing to RFID pockets and nanotechnology.